how to build up a festival

Experience Management for MS Dockville

Good music, supercool artists, the best drinks of the town made by the best looking bartender of the town and a green island in the beautiful south of Hamburg – what do they have in common? The answer is quite simple. They form the core element of a fantastic art and music festival: the MS Dockville, which was successfully established since 2006 – from a two-day-music festival with 5000 visitors to a summer of love with up to 100.000 visitors with its sister events MS Artville, Spektrum, Vogelball and Butterland.

After ten years of experienced production, human resources, creative gastronomy, sponsorship, social media, artist care and many other tasks I decided to let the summer of love fly. The question after that period was: What do normal people do in their summer? I’m still looking for an answer.

Photography SABRINA RYNAS,