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lidl santaclara



This goes out to all the delight bringers, turkey stuffers, cake bakers, Christmas makers, pudding haters. To all you bearded women, men in high heels, gender breaking gorgeous ones. Within a context of still-up-to-dateness, I almost see it as my duty to fight for more tolerance and against stigma – nowadays more than ever. I celebrate pride and equal gender marriage – cause yes, gender is an everyday concern which is finally and still so very important. Look at my Container Love Art Project. And there is still so much more going wrong in society.

But for now, let’s start with Christmas. In 2016, a group of likewise minded developed a Christmas story full of joy and justice. Überground. New. Different. Supercool. They got one question for you: Why is it that every year again Mister Coca Cola legend himself, Santa Claus, gets all the fame?

So let’s wake up! And do a reality check: Ain’t it the women who do all the work – most of the time, the mothers, grannies, wives and wonder women who cope with all the stress? Well it’s definitely not the fat white-bearded man! Polish your red shoes, wonderful women, marvelous ma’ams, greatest grannies and fantastic females. Raise your glass, ladies. And step aside, old man. It’s time for #santaclara – born to reign an era of equality, sing out loud for justice, and finally gonna make a change.

The message behind? Be proud of yourself, girls. We are. This campaign started for Lidl, and – hell yeah! – #santaclara sweeps the board all over the world since then.

Agency: Überground
Client: Lidl International
Creative Direction / Lead: Jo Marie Farwick & Nikolaus Ronacher
Art Direction: Christian Ruess, Kathi Walther
Production: Berlin
Direction: Nathan Price