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Container Love Art project at Reeperbahn festival 2017. What a blast. Four days surrounded by wonderful artworks of wonderful artists. Four days of love and diversity. And four days of fantastic singer songwriter music, framed by artist talks, a book presentation, a movie demonstration and an amazing reading.

The Reeperbahn Festival was not only a beautiful experience, but it was also very moving. Many guests talked about their life stories: stories of differentness, stories of outings, stories of their own children which are in a period of discovery for example. They have understood the message: More tolerance! More openness! More togetherness! More love for everyone! Of course, there were others who could not deal with openness, feminism or homosexuality. But they have seen us anyway. ;)

Container Love 6 with | EXHIBITION | AdeY · Amandine Kuhlmann · Anderson Zomer · Andrea Galad · Annika Weertz · Anton Shebetko · Berber Theunissen · Birk Thomassen · Christopher Sherman · Daantje Bons · Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert · Kostis Fokas · Laurence Philomène · Loreen Hinz · Manuel Scrima · Paul Peter · Rainer Torrado · Ruslan Isinev · Sam Scott Schiavo · Schall & Schnabel · Stefan Gunnesch · Sven Serkis · Tania Bohuslavska | TALKS | Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert · Schall & Schnabel | READING | Dominik Bliefert | MUSIC | Emily Roberts & Band · LEA · JJ · Lina Maly · Antje Schomaker | TEAM | Christian Ruess · Patrick Meissner · Jessica Fuchs | DOCUMENTATION | Aileen Höltke · Jessica Stolberg (Vierfotografen) | HELPING HANDS | Susann Ruess · Marius Thieme · Claas Hamann · Carl Ruess · Tim Lucas

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