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Blond? Blonder! Blond is more than just a color. It’s identity, it’s status, it’s unity. What could be better than to unravel the secrets of beautiful blond hair – #blondsecrets on the topics of haircare, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The core of the campaign is a secret trip of three Blond Ambassadors – Olja, Charlie and Alessa – who share their blond secrets via Facebook and Instagram and interact with the user over the entire campaign. Three blonde girls with different requirements for their hair and different backgrounds to explain the diverse effect of the products.

The concept was then translated for print, tvc, online, social and retail, creating a bold visual world by photographer Stephan Ziehen and Director Ben Galster to acknowledge the legendary tale of blonde secrets. Among concept and other arty things my part was also to stage the products in an authentic way. We used the still lifes for John Frieda’s owned channels, all kind of banners and the whole social media stuff.

Stay blond, bitches.


Client: John Frieda
Production Agency: Parasol Island
Account Management: Carolina Albertini
Creative/Art Direction: Christian Ruess
Strategic Creative: Sabine Wissdorf
Photographer: Stephan Ziehen
Director: Ben Galster
Cinematography: Julian Landweer
Editor: Kai Obenhaus
Colourist: Nadir Mansouri
Producer: Sarah Schneider