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Tanja Kruse Brandao asked me to design some graphics in her new book about smart technologies. Because this subject is super-exciting and very up-to-date, so i agreed. Now the book has been published by Springer Verlag and it called Digital Connection – it’s more a guide which explains how smart technologies can contribute to all phases of the customer journey and how they can lead to a better user experience when combined with a strategic approach and total customer centricity.

Proximity technologies and mobile devices have already been significantly changing customer behavior. Customers‘ expectations regarding contextual and individualized information are increasing. With this guide brands, retailers and other companies are able to live the old marketing dream and get the right information to the right person in the most relevant context at the right time.

The aim is to dive deeper into smart technologies and understand how they work – from location-based technologies (GeoFencing and GPS), NFC and RFID, augmented reality and beacons to chatbots and messengers, to visual light communication (VLC) and virtual reality. Practical examples from different industries underline a multitude of ways to engage and connect with the customer.