Christian Ruess is a creative director, curator and photographer living in Hamburg and Berlin. After 12 years as an art and creative director in editorial and advertising and working as a project manager for festivals, he has brought the strengths of both disciplines into his own studio. Together with his team he collaborates with international brands, agencies and smart people, creating identities, campaigns and content, in the fields of fashion, lifestyle and automotive. Let’s say it in short: ideas and experiences across all platforms.

His intention is to overlap different subjects like advertising, design and art, and transform them into one individual piece of awesomeness. Over the years his concepts cut through the noise and gained major awards including Clio, Cannes Lions, ADC and NY Festival.

TODAY – FUTURE  Creative Director & Photographer  2011 – 2016  Freelance Art Director  2013 – FOREVER  Founder & Curator Container Love Series  2007 – 2016  Freelance Project & Experience Manager MS Dockville / MS Artville  2010 – 2011  Art Director Philipp und Keuntje  2006 – 2009  Designer Jung von Matt


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Cannes Lions, Läufer & Gutenberg „Erasure“ 2008 Jung von Matt · Cresta Award, Läufer & Gutenberg „Erasure“ 2008 Jung von Matt · New York Festivals Outdoor, Läufer & Gutenberg „Erasure“ 2008 Jung von Matt · New York Festivals Business Prods, Läufer & Gutenberg „Erasure“ 2008 Jung von Matt · Art Directors Club, Mercedes-Benz AMG „Mountains“ 2009 Jung von Matt · Effi, OBI, 2009 Jung von Matt · Eurobest, „The soft t-shirt“ 2010 Philipp & Keuntje · Art Directors Club, Vergiss AIDS nicht „Cock Out“ 2011 Philipp & Keuntje · DMMA Onlinestar, Vergiss AIDS nicht „Cock Out“ 2011 Philipp & Keuntje · New York Festivals, Vergiss AIDS nicht „Cock Out“ 2011 Philipp & Keuntje · Annual Multimedia Award, Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2015 · Red Dot Communication Design Award, Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2015 · Art Directors Club, Rookie Agency of the year 2017 Überground · Die Klappe, Lidl “SantaClara” 2017 Überground/Big Fish · Clio Award, Lidl „SantaClara” 2017 Überground · German Digital Award, Lidl “SantaClara” Lidl 2017 Überground · Art Directors Club, Lidl “SantaClara” Lidl 2017 Überground · Piaf Award, Lidl “SantaClara” Lidl 2017 Überground · Spotlight Festival, Lidl “SantaClara” Lidl 2017 Überground · Neptun Award, Lidl “SantaClara” Lidl 2017 Überground · Gosee Awards 2018 Shortlist “Sons of the sea” · Bridgeman Studio Award 2018 Shortlist “Kitchen Games” · and more


2017 – TODAY  Visual Host at Can Love be Synthie by Katja Ruge.

06.2019  Wir tun nur so by Julia Waldmann.

05.2019 Container Love Pop-Up-Gallery @Interzum.

09.2017  Container Love VI. Supported by Reeperbahn Festival.

07.2017  Container Love V. Supported by MS Dockville.

04.2017  Monster Nature. In cooperation with FRUITS.

10.2016  Container Love IV.

08.2016  Container Love III. Supported by MS Dockville.

08.2015  Container Love II. Supported by MS Dockville.

03.2015  The Big Picture, Bondi Beach, Australia.

03.2015  Month of Photography, Denver.

01.2015  Die Wanderer. In cooperation with photographer Sabrina Rynas & Jan Riephoff.

11.2014  Lost in Life. In cooperation with photographer Sabrina Rynas and stylist Melanie Bessler.

07.2013  Container Love I. In cooperation with photographer Sabrina Rynas.